About the brother group and their sewing machines

Brothers group offers a whole of intelligent, innovative, intuitive, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly products for the client at any time in the evolution of its needs specially their sewing machines. This is what the brother offering and this is what make the difference in the market, this difference for those who seeks for more than a brand but a products that they trust and feel comfortable with. Click here for embroidery machine reviews.

A commitment: respect for the environment

Aware of the impact that its activity can have on the natural environment, brothers has decided to carry out various approaches in respect of nature and the protection of the environment. The company is responsible for and claims its civic values through its commitment by reconciling progress technique and environment. To do this, its commitment to the environment occurring through the implementation many actions:

  • manufacture of the products according to the ecological characteristics
  • Proscription of hazardous materials to the environment
  • reusing equipment and materials without a process of transformation
  • reuse of waste to create new materials first
  • fight against the warming of the planet: this is possible thanks to the above actions.
  • Partners to better serve our clients

For Brother, the Council is essential to help the user to choose. It is important to understand the features and benefits of each of the machines specially the sewing machines, to acquire one that will be the most suitable for the use of it. Brother therefore relies on a network of partners specialized in the market by the sewing & embroidery machines. With them, brother has a very close relationship. They provide the Council, sale, the warranty of the products and their maintenance.

Brother sewing machines and the craft

Brother sewing machines & craftToday everyone wants to live in a world in its own image. The desire to dress up its interior the “home-decor”, refresh outdated objects and the spirit to assert his personality by customizing their own wardrobe is more than ever within the reach of all. Accordingly, the needle arts market actors have seen a transformation of the application. Once product utility, sewing machine becomes a creative instrument. Thanks to the attention paid to these developments, the constructor Brother could stand as one of the leaders on the market of sewing machines and embroidery machines. Today, the brand continues its efforts to propose an offer and services still more in line with the creative needs of its users.

Tradition and Revolution in the world of sewing & embroidery machines

The company story: Brother has always been an influential brand on the Art of needle market, bringing many technological innovations to meet the needs of casual users as enthusiasts. Jurisdiction in the sewing industry and its long experience in electronic devices allows Brother to adapt its products to the requirements of the application. Brother, as a constructor offers products of attractive design with a great ease of use and a variety of functions, even on the more affordable models.

  • 1908: Founding of the company by the Yasui brothers
  • 1928: Production of the first sewing machine
  • 1947: Beginning of export
  • 1971: 10 million sewing machines manufactured
  • 1979: First electronics brother sewing machine
  • 1991: The personal system of sewing & embroidery
  • 1996: The embroidery with PE-Design software
  • 1998: Production of the personal system of sewing & embroidery
  • 2000: 30 million sewing machine manufactured
  • 2003: 1st professional embroiderer PR-600
  • 2005: The personal system of embroidery of the Innov-is series
  • 2008: The personal system of embroidery technology with the camera
  • 2009: Creation of the company Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH
  • 2010: Launch of the PR-1000 Professional embroiderer

The household brother sewing machines

The household sewing machines is a mechanical or electric-mechanical machines and it is used to assemble the fabrics with the wire and it can create a variety of simple or patterned stitches. The household sewing machines were introduced in the late of 1800s and it is one of the most important discoveries in the textile industry. Among the different types of machines to sew, the household sewing machines are the ideal tool for stitching. By the mid-19th century, the domestic household sewing machines found a place in all U.S. to help women in the production of clothing home.

The household sewing machines presented as a boon to the housewife, the house hold sewing machines are primarily used for domestic purposes and are manufactured to perform various tasks such as the creation of buttonholes, sewing buttons on the piece of clothing etc.

Also known as home use sewing machines, the household sewing machines didn’t have claws, therefore you have to pull the fabric with your hand. There are three main types of machines sewing domestic-mechanical, electronic and embroidery machines. There are many household sewing machines such as the embroidery sewing machines and the single speed and mini machines and the battery operated sewing machines. Those are a few sewing machines commercially available household.

The brother company is the leader of the sewing machines, In addition they offer a wide range of accessories such as belts, coils, bobbin case, cover transport, liquids, guides, needles, organ needle, presser feet, software plates, wire, and wire holders. Today, it is possible to buy sewing machines home via the Internet. And amazon.com is the most popular place to buy online.

While the purchase the sewing machines, be careful to choose the one that fits your needs and price range. Before you buy any household sewing machines, it is very important to determine the need for the machine, whether it’s the work of repair or Hemming, creating clothes, or embroidery. The best thing is to test the machine yourself and once you have decided which one you is the best for you you can let your little son of girl to buy it online.

The commercial sewing machines

The commercial sewing machinesHome or household sewing machines are sometimes not sufficient for the set of sewing tasks. The home sewing machines offer a wide variety of sewing options and accessories that make the construction of clothes very easy and nice. But sewing the heavy fabric material for pillows, cushions or covers makes the home sewing machine unfit for all these types of tasks. But the limitations of machines to sew at home have been overcome with the introduction of commercial machines sewing. The business sewing machines are primarily designed for all sewing purposes and for lovers and for the craft trade. These types of sewing machines differ form the home sewing machines and carry many features of the sewing machines industrial.

Any sewing machines are mainly made form metals but it is may include plastic parts. All industrial sewing machines are considered commercial sewing machines. Commercial sewing machines have motors and they are built for heavy vehicles and the day job. But some of them are not recommended for a regular 8-hour work a day. They are auto-haulage, which keeps the machine in working condition. The speed is the biggest advantage of the commercial sewing machines. They can more easily sew heavy fabrics or multiple layers of different fabrics. Shoes, gloves, caps, books, furniture, hosiery, tents, tarpaulins, flags and sails can also be sewn on specially sewing machines designed commercial.

The portable commercial sewing machines can be used for the jobs of the site. The most popular brands are brother,Singer, Juki, and Pfaff. Others are Nakajami, Wilcox & Gibbs, Union Special, Reece, Artisan, Pegasus, Barudan, Rimoldi, Columbia, Fishbein, Kansai, Mitsubishi, Merrow, Toyota. Prices range from $ 600 to $ 10,000.

Before buying a commercial sewing machine make sure to check the reliability of the product and the characteristics of the guarantee.

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